Ants: Long live the queen

Ants: Long live the queen is an old game I made a while back but I am coming back to it and gonna start updating it again. If you have bugs you would like to see in the game tell me and I can maybe make it happen. :slight_smile:

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Update #1

@BradenS @ManiacPumpkin @PhantomWolfMoon

1. Better buying system(so you can't become god)
2. New Boss

1. Damage delt delay
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Would someone like to do walking animations for the bugs?

What’s the new “Points” thing?

Thing I’m working on, its gonna count each kill your ants get

I already started and all the strong ones are hating on me

Lol, it gets fun when you can get more money fast

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Oh crap

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What bug should be next
  • Grasshopper
  • Wasp
  • Stinkbug

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@BradenS @ManiacPumpkin @PhantomWolfMoon @cottonstudio @rezarg @Deadly_Smile


Fun fact: the grasshoppers are the bad guys in A Bug’s Life.

I know

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Oh my gosh, nobody told me this existed.

Please add the following:
  • Atlas moth (huge moth!)
  • White witch moth (huge moth!)
  • Tarantula hawk wasp (deadly and huge wasp)
  • Any dynastinae PLEASE (cute beetle)
  • Periodical cicada (red eyes, orange wings, dark dark green body)
  • Monarch butterfly (a classic)
  • Sweat bee (small and green, mostly an annoyance but don’t do much damage)
  • Mosquito (literally nobody likes these, not even entomologists)
  • Jungle nymphs (vegetarians who will snap their legs at you if you are threatening, female dominated species that don’t need males because they reproduce asexually :sunglasses:)

I’ll say these to start with, if you need more ideas let me know, I know a lot of insect species.


Are you Beetle from discord??


Yes I am

Yeah you knowing all about bugs kinda gave it away XD

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But thank you I will ask you for ideas for the new bugs and bugs you would love to see added


Also what do you think this would do in game?


Maybe there’s a chance a monarch popping up on screen, it’s not an enemy, but instead, if you collect (tap/click) it, it gives you a money multiplier for a certain amount of time. But you have to be quick, it doesn’t stay on the screen for long.


I like that idea


Wasp won the vote here’s a little info on it…

  1. The wasp will be 4x4 blocks big making it the biggest enemy yet and the slowest.
  2. One of the wasp’s abilities will be shooting your army ants and killing them.
  3. The Wasp can “TP” backwards, up, or down but never forwards.
  4. The wasp boss has a random chance of becoming a queen which is harder than the normal wasp since it will be able to spawn more wasps.

@DinoDev @BradenS @ManiacPumpkin @PhantomWolfMoon @cottonstudio @rezarg @Deadly_Smile @DWGAMEMASTER