Any idea's for my game?

i’d really like idea’s for my Mario game nothing to hard though because im not the greatest. here’s the link. anyways id like idea’s thanks. :3

Your coin blocks expire the coin, press never expire on the emitter block.

@polopearlobe ummmm, wrong discussion, you should’ve put this in “play my game”, Reviews is dedicated to other community members who review games for fun. But you can submit you r game at my discussion and i’ll review it,


@Polarbeer2019, I think that was meant for @polopearlobe lol

ooopppssss, sorry polarbeer

I think you are in the wrong discussion category, like @ToastMaster64 said , it should be in “Play my Game”.

I think a fourth player would be pretty nice, like Yoshi or Peach

@biscuit butter id like to add yoshi thanks because peach is at the end of the game thanks ill get on that

idk how to @ people im kinda new to this

@“Biscuit Butter”

@polopearlobe, a tab should appear with the full name of who your typing.
Just click on the name. If the name isn’t there, you may have misspelled it.

ok. seems simple. got it

@Polarbeer2019 could you explain on your coin block thing.

cough cough

Sorry, I think I might have a cold…

The coins that are emitted from the block expires after a few seconds. Click on the emitter block and you will see a checkbox that says “don’t expire objects”. Expires means the block disappears.

uh no thats just a animation for the block so you can see that you got a coin from hitting a block.


@polopearlobe, every time I hit the coin block even when Igot the coin already,I get another coin. add a destroyer block to counter it.

let yoshi go in the castle with mario on his back it wont let me

alright fixed!