Any ideas for this?

Hi there! I am currently making a new game called ‘Dungeon Adventure’ (from scratch) and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a sort of dungeon monster (?)
It would really help with the game. Just post your ideas below! (You could also add some sort of story or code or animation - anything you like really - if you want to)
Thank you for your time :slight_smile:


Do you know how to post the game link if you are willing to share it? It would be really helpful in giving you ideas. For a dungeon game I recommend doing something that no one has ever done in a dungeon game before.

As for a monster idea, you could have a crossover character from my game, Taile Gamougg. The monster is called the Nightmare Beef Monster and is a bunch of roast beef and ground beef that mixed together and mutated in order to create a menacing eight-foot-tall muscular humanoid creature.

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make a goo monster!!


Make ancient skeletons that only attack you if you mess with their grave!

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With a dungeon themed game, you literally could have infinitely many different types of monsters that lurk in the caverns.

You could have slimes, which are pretty basic in many different dungeon themed games. Slimes could be basic enemies, but there could possibly be many different types of slimes, kind of like in terraria. You could even have a slime that carries items inside of it’s gelatinous body such as coins, potions, or maybe keys that allow you to access different areas.

I would suggest zombies, but since it’s a dungeon, you think anything that died down there would be there for a long time so I can’t exactly see zombies really fitting in, but I do recommend skeletons that could be possessed by some ancient spirit. Skeletons could come in a variety as well such as armored skeletons or archers, etc. You could even have a boss themed after this and they spawn skeletons as fodder.

A cool idea I had would be some sort of rock golem. When you approach an interesting looking rock in the center of a room, it will transform into the shape of a golem that deals heavy damage and has a ton of health, but is very slow.

You could even add treasure rooms were there are suits of armor that guard the doorway into these said rooms, and they become possessed and try attacking the player to defend the room.

That’s about all I can think of at the moment.