Any ideas guys?

i’ve been thinking of making a game where you’re a bat but for now im stuck

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This is super random, but if you’re looking for a game how about this, you’re a bat and you have been abducted by the bad guy, you’re stuck in the bad guy’s cave, trying to get out but there are evil robot penguins that shoot lasers trying to stop you.

Technically you don’t necessarily have to go with the bat idea, a good way to start is what type of genre you want your game to take place like; fantasy, sci-fi, modern, horror, etc. This could help determine the theme of your game and could help the overall message or goal of making the game. Then once you get the main theme of your game then you can start by making details of it like character designs, ambience, background, setting, music, and other.

At least I found this system a lot more easier of deciding games, although after you pick a genre, it would be much easier for others to decide the story or main goal of the game, mainly help us introduce new concepts about the game. The genre or theme doesn’t have to be something that everyone wants you to make, it could be whatever you feel like doing.


I see, thanks for the responses guys :3 i’ve been busy for a while and couldn;t do flowlab lately