Any way to fix overlapping collisions

So I decided that collisions cause a lot less lag than other behaviors.
But there’s issues where if two things touch an object at the same time, or around the same time, then it only collides with one of them, causing the other object to just slip by.

Is there any way of making it ALWAYS collide?


Still an issue, that’s somewhat important to fix for me

You could use an Or block to detect the two different collisions and if one is true run the code you need

The issue is when it collides with two of the same object, so I don’t think an OR Block would change the overlap.

Just so I understand - you’re saying that the when a collision happens with the same object multiple times per frame, you want multiple collision outputs?


Basically it’s a projectile, The enemy getting hit, collides with the bullet and sends it a message, which then sends back damage. it works most of the time, but when there are a lot of projectiles, some of them pass through when hitting at about the same time.

The collision only seems to trigger once when in the editor, so It’s not an issue with the messaging.

I’ve decided to switch to ray-cast, which isn’t fixing much.

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You could use a proximity block to detect if the object is really close to the player and then run the damage code

This would only work if there was a “Send to last Proximity” Option for messages