Anybody got suggestions?

I am making a game that just makes you rage. The only problem, I have ran out of ideas. So I decided to turn to the community. Please let me know what you want me to add to my game and a little rundown on how to do it. Here is the link:

Have you seen a game called Trap Adventure or Trap Adventure 2? They will make you rage a lot. (I’m not kidding)

I will check it out. Flowlab or google game?

You’re not even joking. I can’t get passed the first part

Thanks for the help hiro.k

Just search it up on google. I’m pretty sure its a phone game, but here is a you-tuber’s video to show you what its like,

Its a rage video, so I would watch it on mute.

@hiro.k I am using the invisible blocks from trap adventure. Thanks to @miguel.f.lfh18 also for making trap adventure

Sorry I had internet delay

I found one on flowlab