Anybody need a secret base?

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If anybody would like this crate, I have no use for it.

[Owned by Yorkie 2323]


Was it in the black market?

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Was it used to kill somebody?

No, its just holding a scrapped weapon that did.

Did @discobot ever have it…

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Would you mine if I use that but change the saturation a ton?

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If you want it, its all yours.

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Alrighty, thanks!

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Look what I did:
New Piskel (16) (1) to pixil-frame-0 (37) LOL now it looks like I’ve crafted oak crate and you crafted dark oak crate.


I also made a house that took a long time

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[Owned by Yorkie 2323]


Do you accept requests or no.

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Yes, I do requests. What did you have in mind?
(May take a while to complete depending on complexity)

Hmm. I was wondering if you could do some kitchen or bedroom objects like tables, counters, etc. Although explaining everything would be a bit so is that okay if I leave a link to my game so you can get a feel for what art style I’m going for.

My main concern is more kitchen stuff. If that’s alright with you.
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Can I use that for my golfing game?

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I thought people was selling houses to people with no houses lol

Its yours if you want to use it

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Ya, I can see that now :joy:

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Here is a secret base I made for fun.

[owned by Yorkie2323]


Could I use it?

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