Anybody need snek example? :)


Great job! I was working on a project a while back that incorporated similar logic. I never did go very far with it (although I’m not sure why).

My point is, this is a good example. You should maybe consider doing more stuff like this to help the community!

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Do you realize how many examples he has made.

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I just checked lol

Don’t mind me, just forgetting to do my homework :sweat_smile:

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Do you by any chance want to know how to make Super Mario style jumping or gradual jumping?

I don’t need the information at the moment but it may come in handy one day.

Also I haven’t been on the forums as much as I used to be so I’m kind of out of it :sweat_smile:

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Ah ok

Want to join my game jam with an actual prize?

Lol I saw that. I’m busy with some projects right now but I’ll keep an eye on the competition.

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Well it’s probably not going to start for a while