I am trying to make 3 levels. I don’t want the next level to be unlocked before the previous level gets unlocked. Please help! Also, can you explain it in images? Thank you very much. I don’t have a link for game becauseI didn’t create it yet. I’m just getting ideas and this is one of the things i want to make.

@“JR 01” can you do it on this game?

It was just something to represent the finish line (end of Level 1),
I had another game I was using to make the example code, since you didn’t leave a link.

Assuming you want to unlock later levels, I’m guessing you have a level select area.
If each level is clickable, you could try this set up. The second image is when you complete a level.

Level select:

Level Complete:

You can copy everything, but the “World” bundles are not important if you are doing an overworld map. Plus, those world bundles pretty much just evaluate the numbers and determines which level you are immediately taken to.

he said it is a secret game he is not going to want to give a link

In a game that I am (secretly) making, I used a progression system where the player can move on to the next level only if they complete the previous one. Take a look at the screenshot to the bottom.
Flowlab Game Creator - Superstar Team_ Energy Boom - Google Chrome 4_22_2020 1_49_19 PM
Keep in mind, however, this system works best only if your game has no overworld map. This system is more closely related to the system used in Super Mario Bros, so it will take more than this to make a working overworld map.

@Superstargames, what am I supposed to copy and what I’m not supposed to copy. Do you have a lonk so that I can see it?

@JR 01 can you do it on this game?

he can’t change anything unless you add him to your team

@Tim01, I dont see what completes the level in that game.
Though as an example, think of it like the Chest at the end of Level 1.
Use the chest in the collision I presented above to indicated level completion.

in game levels, go to level 1, and the door is supposed to go to the next level

@“JR 01” , thanks, I got the level select thing. I appreciate for all you do.

Sorry to bother @“JR 01” , how can I make an enemy that when he collides with the player, he stops for three seconds and then starts moving again?

@Tim01 This may really help. Go through the comments and have a look into the game, and you will see some INTERESTING enemy mechanics. I would suggest going through comments first though.

@“The Kodex” , I checked a couple of links but nothing that is what I want. can you give me a specific link?

@“JR 01” , when you told me how to do the level thing, I did everything and it WORKED! Now when you click level 2 in the behaviors section I want there to be an alert that says that you have to play level 1 before you can unlock level 2. I already added an alert that says that you have unlocked level. So if I am playing and I clicked on level 2 but I didn’t win level one, then there should be an alert that says to have to win level 1. Does that make sense?

yes, glad to hear it works.
And for the stop timer, you can do exactly as you just said.

Make a switch for the enemy control and turn it off after a collision (also put forward velocity to 0), then add a timer and turn it back on.

@“JR 01” , is the switch supposed to be on or off?

@“JR 01” is it possible that you can make a diagram? I don’t really understand.