anyone know a balanced system for exp gaining?

so if you dont know ive been working on a turnbased rpg called sight collector im not gonna go in detail because I already made a dicussion about it if you want to check it out here
any way ive been working on a evolution update but I cant make a balanced exp gaining system if anyone knows how please help

I don’t know out of my head, but surfing around guided by Dr.Google I remember that somewhere I saw a piece of software that allowed you to simulate different experience gain systems.
Sorry, not much help

Yes I do. Check out my Game Retro Racing. Click Race, then Arcadez then top down racing. When Top Down Racing, over 60 seconds you gain XP. In the level called the garage, there is an XP and level display, which shows how much you have. Take a look:

I think I got something…

yep this should work