Anyway to send a message between two levels?

I need it for a school project, I just can’t tell if you can.


You don’t really need to send a message between two levels, because one won’t be active until it’s in view…
However, globals and saves happen to exist.
With the object you want to send a message…
Instead, connect the code before the message to a number block (1) and connect that to the Save of a Save block. Note that you’ll have to name the save block.

With the object receiving the message…
Instead, drag in a Once block, and connect it to the Read of a save block. Name the Save block the same as the other one. Drag in a filter, and connect the out of the save block to the in of this filter. Connect the true of the filter to the code that would’ve come after the message.

Sooo… What does this even do?
Well, It’s setting a number block that is directly linked to your browsing history. No joke. It reads the internet cookie that was saved, and if it equals one, then it performs this certain action.

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Just use a global, set the global to a number in the first level and go to the next level, and put the global in an equal to filter. Example:
First Level: (Any number) > Set: Global

Next Level: Always > Get: Global > In: Equal to (The number that you set in the first level) > anything you want :slight_smile:

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