Apply force in the opposite direction of the mouse

respond plz i need help

h = mouse
_ = whoosh
O = object

O ___ h

ALSO THERE IS A CAMERA THAT MOVES so take into account that

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Idk JR_01 knows how to visualize the 4th dimension in Flowlab so he’d probably know how

@MrMcMemerMan. No one can see the 4th dimension because it is the movement of an object through time.

Could you clarify, @Drolfey. I have a hard time seeing what you mean based on the information provided. Do you wan’t something like a bow string effect?



it was a joke, and a pretty decent one that clarifies JR_01 knows all.


Me resisting the urge to say r/wooosh

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basically, if I hit the player I want them to impulse away, right now I want to make it so when I click the player will impulse away from the mouse.
the level is bigger than the canvas (using the camera object) so the mouse position might need to be adjusted

never mind I did it thx tho!