Arcade games

Make an arcade game (you can use one previously made)
And show it off here!

It can be anything from a space shooter to a simple platformer

Starblast is JUST ONE of my arcade shooters, so play it here

Tell me to show any others if you want to

I am making a legend of zelda - like game

add boundary I went of the screen, stayed there and didn’t die @jngthree

Forgot to tell you -
WASD to move
Spacebar to Attack
F for a Fire Attack
V for Cybernetic Regeneration (Hold it Down, and it will heal your wounds)

And also, the final boss of the game, you have to use all of your abilities it is so hard.
Attack it with your sword until the worms go brown, and then use fire to burn it up. You also need Cybernetic Regeneration to heal yourself when your health gets low.

@ztg5 it should be fine- i didnt run into any missing borders,

yeah all the sudden I’m not running into that problem

i’m trying to make a space shooter like space invaders but i’m having trouble with the enemy. I want them to shoot laser like the player but it doesn’t work. plz help:P

ugh nvm