Armor Defense example

I kept forgetting to do this, anyway, so there’s actually a few examples in here. I threw this together in about an hour or two.

Hitting the gel monster does 20 damage, the spikes do 40 and the saw does 60.
Having no armor means you will die fast touching any enemy.
Wood armor protects x3, Silver protects x5, and Diamond protects x10.
I was going to do an advanced math example for stacking things like gloves and helmets, but I forgot how I was going to do it. You could just have an expression for A+B if you wanted to stack a x5 with a x3 and get x8 protection. That would work. I just didn’t do it.

So, the other examples are recharge heart, saw sound distance, squash bounce, and damage knockback.
Click on any armor you want to try on and charge into danger to see how long you last against the damage.

I did some mild custom spriting and effects. I always like my small games and examples to look nice, even if they’re a tutorial.


@CrimsonBlackGames @PixelPizza
I finally made that example if you guys want to have ship upgrades or armor for your games.

I already figured it out, but thanks anyway.

No problem, I mostly did it for my own amusement but also because I haven’t seen anyone do it before. Glad you got it working for yourself.

This is really slick. I wonder if we should have some sort of page on the site for example/tutorial games like this.

@grazer You could. You and I have made tons of examples. I usually scrap them, but I still have examples for coin wallet, store purchase, power up, crumbling blocks, teleporting, keyboard menu scrolling, and so on. We could have a big page of individual examples made by you, I, or anyone else.

Probably include that rotate world logic I made

This is really awesome! Well done!
but in Awakening wouldnt be so helpful because the hero dies in one hit…
Maybe in a future game i would love to add things like this

Why did you want the hero to die in one hit? It’s an interesting idea, but some hitboxes for enemies need to be tweaked. I died a lot when nothing touched me. @PixelPizza

The “hero” dies in one hit just because I like “Hard games” (and in Inanis every weapon with sin it’s really powerful)…

Just like the fact that bosses doesn’t have health bar (The player can’t see when the boss is close to death and makes the game more “realistic” because in real life people and animals don’t have a health bar above them :tongue: )

You died when nothing touched you??? That’s weird … I know that the hitboxes aren’t that good but I think I can’t do something to fix that… Anyway in which level that happened?

(if you guys are wondering why am I taking so much just to update awakening it’s because I want to make something really cool, different and special so I’m taking a little bit longer)

@PixelPizza the laser ram boss I think was pretty unforgiving. Sometimes I’d die from the laser even if I was above the enemy.

So are you talking about the first created one of them all? Yeah i’m pretty sure he haves a lot of bugs… I’m not sure that I will keep him in the game.

Thanks anyway for the warning