***Art competition....for fun.***

Winner gets nothing besides knowing he (or she) is the best artist that competed.

If anyone else wants to judge just let me know before 5-12-20. Though there can only be two more judges for simplicity.
The contest will start 5-13-20, when I will reveal what the contestants will be drawing. It will end 5-20-20. That’s a week.

I hope a lot of people enter. And I’d like to be the first to say good luck!

Please say I if you will be competing.

@“The Kodex”

Do you mean like a pixel art picture or a game with very good art competition?

Also I’d love to be a judge as long as I can still enter (And not vote for myself). @RageDayz

yo imma join what we making

  1. Yes you can join and be a judge. @“The Kodex”
  2. I will announce the drawing this Wednesday. @GrimProductionZ
  3. It’s all art, do not make a game, bc I’m won’t even play it. It’ll make more sense when I tell you what to draw.

@Mainfunctestalbois why did you just link the kodex?

@RageDayz Because he can draw good pixel arts.

Make something like this.

Basically make nine sprites that could build a whole game world.
Though you only have to make a rock type and a grass/dirt type.

The contest starts now, and ends in one week.