Art request

This has happened to me many times now, when you resize your sprite big, then small again, then big again, the part that has been cut off is no longer there! And it also messes up the animations.

So you need to do ALL the work again if your hand slips or you edit the wrong sprite.

Also, if you exit the pixel art, everything saves! So you can’t go back on it.

I’ve noticed this as well. The undo and redo buttons don’t always work either : / It can be a real buzzkill when you’ve taken your time on some pixel art just for it to be ruined and unrecoverable.

Resize it back, then continuously press the undo button until it comes back. I’ve had this happen before, too.

Yeah, but if you exit, then go back into the art editor, the whole thing is saved.

@gamerztrio have you tried using it is much more functional than flowlabs limited animation interface and the export/unzip/import function is super easy to transfer frames from Piskel to flowlab. I build 90% of my stuff there and import it over.