Is it possible to use software outside of Flowlab to work on the art and then somehow import it into the game? If so what software is available?

Also, does anyone else use software outside of Flowlab for the art or am I the only one to think of this?


Any software. Just download it and use the upload button in the sprite editor.

Of course we use other softwares, piskel, inkscape, you name it. We don’t live inside flowlab, you know. :yum:

I use


I use Piskel

I use GIMP, because I don’t care for Photoshop, but there are free versions of Photoshop. The average sprite in flowlab is 32x32px, so make png files with transparent backgrounds and upload them in your game.

@PixelPizza piskel was one of my favorites

i kinda just use flowlab for sprites \(?)/

Lol i’m with @zcg150 or i just copy them don’t download them

no cheating here!!