artwork and animations disappearing?

Hello, I have noticed that my game is losing artwork and animation at random times. This game is really beefy and has a lot of pieces, so maybe I’m pushing the Flowlab limits of number of sprites etc? You can check it out here:

I’ve recently lost my destroyable grass blocks and my door triggers in the cave level. hmmmph. frustrating :frowning:

Hey @todorrobot - this game has a pretty large overworld level, but nothing that should be causing saves to fail. I don’t see a cave level, is that the overworld?

When you say that the objects were lost - does that mean that they are somehow broken, or completely missing? Are the object types themselves missing from the library, or is it only objects placed in the level that are missing? Also, do you recall the precise name of one of the lost object types?

This game looks like it was a lot of work! I really like the progress so far, and I apologize for the object problems - I know that losing work is super frustrating :frowning:

HI @grazer thanks for taking a look. There were two issues recently. one happened twice and the other only once (that I’ve noticed). The first issue was that my main character obj:Frankie turned into a default flowlab “pyramid” block. same thing happened recently with obj:Grass. It turned into a defult block and wiped out all the animation.

The cave level is halfway down the left side to the left of the cheese bridge. There are Yellow half blocks in the doorways called H0701, H0702 etc etc that send the player to the interior coordinates. Those turned solid red (not default pyramid) but then returned and displayed correctly after a couple refreshes.

I built all my backgrounds in Illustrator and exported them as pngs, so I was able to draw it all at work while I was bored :slight_smile:

Thanks again. And no worries. I had everything backed up and was able to replace it pretty quickly. I just wanted to mention it to see if it was a common problem or if it was just me.

It sounds like what may be happening is that the images might failed to load for some reason (network timeout or something?). If this happens again, try clearing your browser cache and reloading the game - if that fixes the issue then it’s definitely a loading failure and I may need to look closer at the retry logic.