Asking the Player a Question

Is there a way to get the game to ask the player a question, for example, a random multiplication number question, such as, “What is x multiplied by y”.
I want to create a game where the player is asked maths questions and they have to input the correct answer to make their character move closer to the coin but if they get it wrong the monster moves closer.
Can this be done on Flowlab?
On first glance seems no easy way of doing this.

You can’t make input boxes in flowlab. The only way to do this is making buttons with possible answers but only one answer is correct (multiple choice)

No, there’s a way. But it’s incredibly complicated

First input is whatever

2nd input is multiplied by 10, then added to the first input

3rd input is multiplied by 100, then is added to the first two inputs.

And so on

Hmm you can do something with labels and keyboard triggers but that’s just crazy.