Assistance Please, game being difficult

So I have space game and when you destroy enemy ships and astroids it drops matierials which you can use to build turrets and/or (I havent made it yet) A Ship to help you, i can make it so that i can lower the value, but i have been trying to set it so you dont go into negatives for infinite summons, i tried this but it wont work! r|690x350

please explain the problem in further detail, and I may be able to help

I explained it the best i could, i want it to emit blah blah only if I (as the player) have 15 matierial and it takes 15 to make the thingys, if i dont have at least 15 i cant emit it, I tried to make it do so ,but it does nothing instead

I believe I see the problem, you are trying to put the current amount of material into the filter’s value input, don’t do this. The “value” input changes the filter (ex. greater than 5, put 10 into the value input and it becomes greater than 10), the “in” input is what is put through the filter, when the key is pressed it should go into the number of material, then from there to the “in” input of the filter. If you need clarification I can take a screenshot

Umm I’ve done this in the past before on a inventory system I’ve also been working on a game similar to yours for like 1 year now. So you could look at my game and my other game for help if you want

Yes i would like a screen shot please

the issue with that is that it will use the matierial to make a turret as soon as it reaches 15

I don’t know if you were saying that to me or not

if the filter is constantly being updated, have it connect to a switch instead