Assistance Please.

I am making a save system and i find problems many times when i solve one another appears so i need someone to help me make a save system.
-it updates the save everytime the player collides with the savepoint.
-when player dies put him at most recently saved point.
-keeping information such as current hp, and other numerical values.

and Screen shots if you can

Hey, this is pretty broad and isn’t something very conducive in text format. Besides that we have little to go off in what specifically you need for your game other than a checkpoint system. A link would be very useful.

If you want, I’ll make an example.

yes please
Me burning slime (nice picture by the way) also the link to my game may not be very helpful, but here any way, it isnt finished obvously

I have a few checkpoint examples to look at. You could add more variables for saves when you touch the checkpoints.

Checkpoint Example 3: