Atari Style FPS

How do I make an Atari style FPS?

Hm… Atari really didn’t make any FPS games. The closest would probably be Red Baron or Battlezone. Essentially you would make the games like my example, except no up or down. You would need things to grow or shrink for certain situations or backing up/walking forwards. As for walls, You could have Tall thin lines that grow when you press up, and have a filter that when they hit 100% size, you hit collision and can’t press up anymore. I /could/ probably pull off metal gear solid for PS1, but even that wasn’t first person. So best option would be Battlezone, you drive inside a tank. I know I could recreate Major Havoc.

Oh, might as well mention the whole game will just be strafing, you wont be able to turn around or anything, just walking forwards through rooms and walking sideways. If you wanted to be able to turn and look at walls from the side, you would be looking at proximity, emitters, and a lot of lines sliding left and right. I would expect it to take you 80 hours to make your living room, don’t even try to make furniture. I’m just warning you, if you want an FPS, go with walking facing forwards only. It will save you months of trouble. 3D is meant to be 3D, what I’m explaining is breaking out of the box by far.