Attach Block Bug - [SOLVED]

If an object is attached to another object and tries to attach another object it will say that there is an infinite loop error and freeze the site. This usually leads to a slight loss of code for me. Just wanted to bring this to light.

You cannot attach an object that is attaching the object that started the attach, yes that would be an infinite loop and will crash your game.


that hurt my brain a little bit but thank you!
So what I’m getting from this is:
1 2 3
2 is attached to 1 and 3 is trying to attach to 2 but that would not work?
sorry just kinda confused.

That should work actually, could you send a link to the game?
And is 1 attached to anything?

Yep! here’s the game: Flowlab Game Creator - Pellet Pallet
And no, 1 is not attached to anything
the objects in question are the “You lose Back Screen” “You lose Front Screen” & the “Score Was Text”

I made a quick little temporary patch for it using position blocks but I would really like to use attach blocks.

No it shouldn’t… 2 attached to 1 attached to 3 attaching 2 to itself starts an infinite loop.

I think I see it, it’s because you have the “YouLoseBackScreen” set as the parent of “You Lose Front Screen” so you when attached the front screen to the back screen, the front screen is using the parent code and infinitely attaching front screen to the front screen. You need to remove the parent off the “Front Screen”, “Score was Text” and “You Lose” (and any parent that is using an attach).

They just said 1 isn’t attached to anything, it goes as 3 is attached to 2 is attached to 1.
That is a attached stack, not an attached loop.


Thank you JR and Pixel!
Have a nice day/night & happy coding!

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