Attach object but offset its location

Hi there. I’m posting this question for one of my students working on a game for class.

The player is supposed to pick up an axe and then carry it around. The axe destroys itself when this happens, but the axe is in front of the player sprite. The desired behavior is for the player to pick up the axe and for the axe position to be offset so that it does not cover up the player.

The student has tried to extract the position of the player and it’s not working as expected. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Here is a link to their game:


Hey which item is the axe?
(Object name and type)

It’s the HoldPickAxe. But my student just figured it out! Sorry! Thanks for such a quick reply!


Well first, the object falls through the ground.
And also you can make it so when the player picks up the pickaxe the pickaxe gets a message to turn smaller with size.
(And also use the Attach behavior)

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