Attacher Blocks Features

Hey @grazer could you add a possibility to make attached objects solid?


Can you explain why, I don’t see a reason to.

It would help in melee attacks, in shields, in cutscenes and in global physics

YESS im trying to make a shield in my game, he should add collisions to it.

Collision on Collision be like


You can have objects with “enabled collisions” and not be solid.
You can also spawn/emit an object and make it always be on the same X and Y as the holder object.


Hey, thats awesome, never thought about it thank you!

@PixelPizza Really, thanks, it’s working exaclty as a solid attacher, now melee attacks have been reinvented!

i tried giving the objects collisions but it still didn’t work.

Did you make sure to do this? (If you want the object to be visible, don’t make the alpha thing)

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Other x and y are the coordinates of the object you want this sprite to stick on

i cant use that, i hve to use the attached because more than one object is using the shied.

You could maybe create many of those objects, same sprite, each has a player to get attached to

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I’m pretty sure an attacher block does not have collisions

'not what he meant; the object being attached can have separate behaviours and link up to the object that says for it to attach in the first place.

Why cant he just add that its a good idea

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because it’s already a feature.

uh, no it’s not, attacher blocks arent solid, whatever the physics you use

Collision on top of collision breaks some parts of the physics of the object, and I’m pretty sure it’s why its not allowed by default. I find this often when I was creating Joint Boss Test, where the inside object couldn’t move from the outside object, or it tries to push itself out in which can be broken physics
(see the Gif I sent above).