Attaching won't work

I made a game a few weeks ago for a school project. It was working fine then, but when I tested it out this morning part of my game wouldn’t work. In section 2 a man goes to the lake to fish and than trades that fish to a first nation for fur. When the character goes to the lake the first time everything works fine, but after the character goes back a second time to get another fish, the fish doesn’t show in his hand. Is there something I have to change because of the new update? Please help.

Here’s the link to my game, go to section 2.
The behaviors for the action is on the main character.

Hey @“Robo-guy 3000” - I looked at your game, and I don;t see any fishing logic in level 2. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Hi @grazer. The character doesn’t actually fish, he simply collides with invisible blocks at the lake which gives the character the fish. The character’s name is Coureur de bois. The logic is in him(go to the far left to find the logic that involves the fish).

P.S. Thanks for taking the time to help me out.

The latest update deployed tonight should fix this issue - thanks for reporting it!

@grazer thanks! It works fine now:)