Attempt at a horror game

Actually, I was thinking more of a “Scary Scavenger Hunt” game, similar to the one in Garfield’s website (lol).
Right now, the only thing to do is read the note on the wall (by clicking on it) and testing out all the (cheesy) horror effects.
To trigger them, go near those black skulls with blood on them.

1-2nd tries= nothing happens.
3-4th skulls= eyeballs appear that constantly look at you and turn black when stepped on.
Step 5= bloody parasites appear on walls.
Step 6= Skulls start appearing with an evaporating effect.

These are all accompanied by a 5-second blackout each.
Not too much to do now. But I’m hoping to expand it… with a little help from the forumers.
Here it is!

It’s not mandatory, there’s a checkbox saying “attach poll”

It’s just turned on by default