for epic platformaer

I’m not sure I understand your question, or if this even a question, but here’s how you can make the camera auto-scroll:
camera autoscroll

Don’t forget to adjust the bounding box values.

You could also turn all that off and just make the camera follow the player wherever you go.

I meant like the camera automatically move by itself @PixelPizza @“JR 01”

Yes… these are 2 options that will follow the player by itself…

I don’t know what else you could be asking… it may be easier to use Pizzas option for beginners.

@JR 01 What do you set the expressions as?
Never mind I figured it out…thanks

Both has A-160

In a 10x10 game screen, the resolution is 320x320 so the center is 160x160.

i meant like in the final boss in NYTCHOPHOBIA

Same thing @glithctyrus, just dont make an Expression for the “set Y” input of the camera block.

Also NYCTOPHOBIA was 16:9, so it was A-256 and A-144

Hey @glithctyrus - the simplest way (IMO) to make custom camera movement is create a separate invisible object just to hold the camera, and you can move that object around all you like.

Take a look at the “Custom Camera” example from the examples page: