Awakening - Announcement Trailer Official

My game trailer go check it out :smiley: wish me luck for the contest!

wish you luck

Thxs :slight_smile:

I really like your pixel art. You get a lot of detail out of minimalism.

thxs @“Mhx Ar”

Do you know where i can improve?

No. Personally, I think your animations and characters are very unique and powerful, and I wish I could take that and make it into something with more color. See, I’m the kind of person that blends colors, to make the graphics as colorful as possible, but then that means it’s more difficult to sprite. You do the opposite, and make the sprites as simple as possible, but they look really good for being so minimal. Most pixel art is either too simple, or too detailed, but yours is simplistic, and you can still see exactly what it’s supposed to be. It’s like glowing shadows, and you shouldn’t change it at all.

The only thing I’d say is, have you ever played FEZ? It’s a 2D game, where the main character spends their whole life in a 2D universe, but learns how to see in 3D, from a 4D entity. It changes their whole world.

How would you react if you were playing your game, and the entire game, everything is red and white, but deep into the game, you see a flash of something that isn’t red, like blue, and suddenly, for a moment, you don’t know how to react, because up until then, everything was white and red. This one character that is a different color could change the entire way the game is played. Every encounter with them, a major event happens, and you can no longer rely on what you know. The game physics change, the attacks don’t work, you’re a mortal vs a god, and you barely are able to survive each time. It basically alters the gameplay, and you learn from it, but it doesn’t matter what you learn, because the next time you encounter them, nothing works right anymore.

Just an idea. They could be a god, or ghost, or anything. I’m not sure what you are planning in your game. Just shooting out my thoughts.

A new color in the game its like an mind explosion… I had already thought of it … on the one hand would improve the universe of the game but otherwise would screw … understand? There is a philosophy that says that the human being is afraid of everything that is unknown / new. the fact that the game only have 2 colors becomes less understandable and I kind of wanted to cause a bit of fear in the player.

I really appreciated your comment @“Mhx Ar”

Thxs so much

No problem, but one request, I didn’t see it, and you have a lot of behaviors, but are there any controls besides arrows to move, and click to shoot? Could you add S as shoot, as well? I don’t have a mouse on my laptop, it’s touchscreen, so it makes it weird to play.

mine too xD

no words

maybe i add j key to shoot

I love your graphics man I wish i could do them like that


All it really takes is some time. Some good shading… And patience : ) thats all it really is

thxs @Tommyx2x14

ok now u can use J or mouse left click to shoot arrows

im working on abilities :smiley:

looks amazing! I’m super excited to see it progressing.

@grazer THXS! :slight_smile: