Background Animation

Hi all, still learning the ins and outs of the software here, so please forgive the noob question. I’m sure I’m missing something simple and obvious like in my first post, but here is my issue:

I made an object on the background layer, and made it to the full size of the game window. I imported some art done in an external program that amounts to only four images total. I made the animation in the edit window for the object and it plays there as planned, however when I launch the game all I get is a static image of the first frame. Any tips or the obvious solution that is apparently beyond me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

Okay, I’ve tried another method but still get the same results. I set it up as an object with no collisions that is not solid on the game layer. I went into behaviors and gave it an animation behavior with start-loop. However the image is still static when I test it.

On an unrelated note - I am doing this at (and have changed my game settings to match) at a slightly larger width than the default, however when I press play to test my work part of it is cut off. If someone has a solution to both that would be brilliant, if not I’ll create a separate post for the latter issue. Thanks again.

Post a link to your game, and I (or someone) can take a look

Hey, I took a look at your game and I think you have found a bug. I’m looking into it, and I’ll let you know what I figure out.

Okay, thanks man. If there is anything I can do to help let me know!