Background Images and Parallax

When working on the background layer, all I can seem to do is add tiles. Is there a simple way to add an independent bg image that I am missing? And additionally, as mentioned in the title, if there is a way to add a parallax background as well that information would be priceless to me. Thanks everyone here in the community, and special thanks to the developer - you’ve put together a really worthwhile piece of software here, and I couldn’t be more pleased to be here while this software comes into fruition.

Well just make a game object and make it ‘not solid’

Hey there,

First of all - welcome, and thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

If I understand you correctly, you can add a bg image like this:

  • Click on the Layers button and select “Background”
  • Create an object, the click the sprite to open the sprite editor
  • Click the resize button (bottom left) and move the size sliders all the way up
  • The sprite will be the size of the entire game screen, now either draw or upload your image

Now, to add parallax scrolling, just adjust the “parallax” slider in your scroll view behavior. For an example, go to this page: and watch “Platformer Game Tutorial Part 2”

Good luck, and let me know if you hit any snags.

I gotcha, thanks grazer. The resize setting is where I was getting tripped up, but it makes sense now. Thanks again!