Background Objects Reverting To 32x32


FOR WHATEVER REASON when i adjust the size of objects that are apart of the background, EVERY TIME I RELOAD THE GAME IT REVERTS EVERYTHING BACK INTO THE ORIGINAL BLOCK, I HAVE LOST SO MUCH TIME TRYING TO FIX THIS. EVEN WHEN I LOG OUT AND IN AND MAKE A NEW TAB AND REFRESH THE PAGE IT STILL DOES THIS. this happens for every game. I just had a most of the background of my game destroyed by this.

Like I said this happens for ALL of my games.

Screenshot (27)

Did you press ok after finished the sprite?

Playing the game and clicking OK after finishing the sprite will que the editor to save

I made sure I did

This sounds super frustrating! I have personally never made a large BG block. By the way, anyyone know how to run an animation for background?

I dont think you can, but you can just make a non-solid game world block

And it is VERY frustrating

@ToastMaster64, I have 2 ideas;

  • Before refreshing, have you press play first?

  • Only alternative I can think is go in the sprite editor, press copy,
    then create a new object and go in its editor and paste then adjust the size

My only other thought is maybe after changing size, the new size will collide with other (or clone) objects and prevents it from changing.

@“JR 01”
I’ve Already tried the first option, ill try the second

Copy and paste is what I do ALLOT to copy a character or for making animations

didnt work

Is it not letting you create new objects?

Screenshot (28)

It did it again and its not even my game

@“JR 01”
and it lets me create new object it just doesn’t work

The copy and paste?
or resizing the new object?

This could also can be from connection issues or possibly server issues.
If all else fails, you may need to ask grazer.

Yeah, It’s kinda messed up.

@grazer ?

If you are having issues with the background being bigger than 32x32, and it changing into a 32x32 object, rename the object to something else.

Cant you just use alpha?

not sure.

Wow @ScizorM. I dont know if that worked because of you or it just stopped doing it, but thanks.

But I still dont think that I should have to go through this process just to make sure my background objects save correctly.

Someone needs to fix this