Background Sprite Resetting?

I have a background sprite thats 2010 tiles big, but when I reload the game it resets back to 11 and deletes the rest of the sprite. Is there a solution?

link to game? I’ll look into it.

Nvm, I messed around and it fixed itself. Thanks anyways!
While we’re here is there a way to make multiple sprites of the same object? As in they all look a certain way different but all the same behaviour?

Try making a new object, then set the parent to the object that you want to use, or try animations

Do you want to make Multiple Objects with same behaviours
Or same Objects with different sprites?

Its like terrain but they have behaviours so I want them all to behave the same way but look different

Use object parenting, but a different sprite

If you want to have it completely random at times, I suppose using a random number chooser to select an animation out of a group could work. That is, if you don’t care for exactly which one looks like which. That way you wouldn’t have a dozen sprites of the same purpose whilst all looking different each time you play it.

all of the Starblast games have different cosmetic ship skins- 2/3 are the most notible