My main focus of this game was to be original, no copying off google, etc. Although some graphics are really hard and I think I should copy it from google although it hits me and I feel guilty because I want to make it a fully original game. What are your thoughts?

Keep it super simple to start, you could even create a simple silhouette of a dojo in the background unless of course, the game is inside a dojo but even then you could keep it simple.

Definitely have an idea of the main game play, again, keep it simple to start.

@muddyapples i’ve decided to make my game fully natural!

Idk what you mean by that but it sounds cool

@jngthree what I meant was should I draw my own backgrounds, text, characters, etc or should I just copy them from google but I have chosen to do it all by hand :slight_smile:

Oh, if you want to draw your backgrounds, I’d recommend

It’s what I used to draw everything out for SB2

@jngthree Well, I have had paint installed on my computer for quite a while now and never bothered to use it. I tend to stick with the flowlab drawy thing although I hopped on paint just to try it out and dang. It gives it a way more smoother effect although where would I do the animation for my characters, if on the flowlab drawy thing then it would look weird with smooth background and pixelated characters… I think I might stick to the flowlab drawy thing for now :wink: Although thanks for the opinion!

I use for characters too…

But if you want the BG pixelated, there’s a “pixelate” special effect