Bacon's Back now with 100% less Cisgender :D

Heya! Guess who’s back!
Sorry I’ve been a way for a while, School’s been busy, and I haven’t found a lot of time to work on games! I have, however been on Discord (Baconcat008#3463) and occasionally participate in discussion on the flowlab server! I just figured I ought to let those of you who don’t have Discord know that I am very much alive!
Also, you read the title right, I am trans! I’m Non-Binary and use they/them pronouns now! Please respect them!
As for music and stuff, no promises, but maybe during the summer, I’ll open up my Music Requests again! I’ve learned a ton of stuff relating to Chiptune music, and I’d be happy to show it off! While were at it, here’s a treat for you all: JummBox
It’s an original of mine that would work well for a boss theme!
Thanks for reading!


Welcome back!