Bar Alpha Value

@grazer This is a pretty simple feature request, but one that I would really appreciate the addition of. As the name of this discussion suggests, I believe that there should be an alpha value input for the GUI element “bar.” This would work exactly like the alpha value for the “label” element and would be very helpful for things like objects that need to use a time-sensitive bar element. As always thanks for the consideration!

Edit: A color input to change the color of the bar could also be useful and would be another appreciated input node

that would be very useful!

You already can somewhat, when you choose the colors for you bar lower the opacity. One super complicated way is to replicate the bars and connect their coding, but make all of them have a 0 output until they are activated, at which time you can choose the bar with the chosen opacity. Read this a few times through if it doesn’t make sense. If it still doesn’t then I will make an example.

@meburningslime Thank you, but that’s not my point. If you made the colors of the bar have an alpha of 0, then you would never see the bar and there would be practically no point in even having the bar in the first place. I think I understand what you’re trying to say with the second idea, but correct me if I’m wrong (If you have an example that would be appreciated). If I did that, then I would need two game objects to serve the same purpose which wouldn’t be very efficient. What I was trying to suggest was that by implementing a new color/alpha input, we could change the alpha of a bar dependent on any given trigger when we needed it to.

There are a lot of limitations with the progress bar, its best if you make your own bar like this:

But more features to the Bar behavior would be nice.

Sorry, if you don’t want all that do a block for progress bars and make it have an alpha.

Thank you, everyone. I will just use a hand made bar to produce the same effect