how do you make it so when the character “runner” hits lava, the health bar will slowly have less and less? For example, in a car game the car’s fuel bar will slowly go away after moving the car. I want to have the same concept but with lava instead.

Screenshot 2020-06-22 at 7.03.54 PM

how do i make it so it only decreases a little every time the “runner” collides with lava

You could activate a timer that decreases your life.
On the phone, so can’t provide example, sorry

can you explain a little more? or i can wait for an example. thanks


One way of doing it:

It is better to use Raycast instead of collision, that one starts and stops the timer for the damage.
You set it to:

The timer you set up like this, adjust the delay to your liking:

You needed a health counter, I added that. And a damage variable, same, adjust to your liking.

Have Fun

thanks. and a quick note, the once made the health into 1 which broke the health bar so i removed the once

? worked for me …

it works after i removed the once