Basic Enemy Stuck on Wall

The problem is the dog that gets stuck and begins to spazz out when it hits the right wall. The movement programming is exactly the same as the one I found here in the forums. Sometimes this can be temporarily remedied by having the player jump on it and nudge it. Otherwise, it just gets stuck to the wall. Changing it to capsule and circle did not fix it. Is there anything I’ve done incorrectly, or is it something to do with the sprite or blocks around it?
Here is my game:

Screenshot 2018-03-02 at 4

This should help
Also, I was looking through some game objects, and I noticed your player had a walking right and walking left animation, you can use flip instead of different animations.

Thank you very much! @SnakeInMyHoot

I like the art style btw

Hey @goodberry - Usually, this behavior occurs when the collision trigger is firing rapidly, and activates several times before the object can leave the wall. This causes the object to rapidly switch back and forth and stay “stuck” against a wall in a loop.

The easy fix for this is to increment the “repeat delay” setting in your Collision trigger - try setting it to 3 or 4. This should give the Dog object plenty of time to get away from the wall before the Collision block can activate again and put him into a loop.