Basic Tutorials

Right now I’m going to leave this in Bullets and links unless grazer can add [spoilers].
I’ll update it with every new question that I see a lot, and I will link them here.
I will mostly use games made by @grazer since he is a lot more organized than I am.
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grazer me
Full Size Full character behaviors / Full Size 10% of 1 characters behaviors…

? Enemy movement
Full Size Shown above

? Moving Labels or Bars
Full Size Open the character with the Label or Bar, hit edit, drag in the background.

If you have a common question tutorial that can be shown in a few images, and you would like it added, post it below, and I will put it in the post. :slight_smile:


Wow, what?

Its just really nice thats all

It seems hard

ya i played mhx air game it is very cool but i cant get past that 1 wall

can you do over head veiw

What do you mean? Be more specific? You mean like an RPG, or exactly overhead? Either way, just turn gravity to 0, then make your top view sprites.

Thanks, hope these will help me.

for example screenshot

how do i anamate

when i create a figure, i need to delete the surroundings pixel by pixel , its so annoying , is there any tool that will crop the unwanted parts of the picture with one click instead of taking the eraser and do it pixel by pixel?

Well, if you want to erase everything, its easier to make the grid size 8, which will make you have to only delete 4x4 area of pixels, instead of the normal size.

can someone add, restart level in game flow?
i cannot just go with restart the game all times the character dies !!!
i want to give him 5 souls , whenever he dies , he re-spawn in the same level and -1 from his soul, and when he loses the 5 souls !! then he will restart the game

Um it is actually in flowlab under “next level” and RESTART CURRENT :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Mhx Air? Hoe do you do all that without your game being SUPER Laggy? because I can’t get my game to be less laggy and I have less than that :stuck_out_tongue:

hey guys i have a problem. When i press a direction key, the animation begins playing. then if i press a different direction key while pressing the first key, my guy moves up, but the animation does not change. how can i fix this?

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