Basics of a top down game

How do I make a top down game where my character can move without anything underneath it. I’m trying to make a top down racer, so I need to know how I can make my character actually go forward. Also it would be nice to know which direction is default forward.

The default forward is right… And everything you need to know is in the behavior bundles “ship control” just replace the “motor” it’s velocity to make it look like your on ground… Also add some drag if you want the car to slow down to make it look like there is solid ground there… If you want you can change the layer to 2 and make a new object that is not solid and looks like stone and you can name it “road”

If you want some of my top down games as a base if you start another prodject go here:

Look for Temple explorer and TE2

Thanks! But I don’t don’t see any difference in drag all the way up for my car and the drag at zero on my car, do you have to do something with the world or does the drag just make the car slow down when you press the button?

drag means basicly friction with nothing… So that way your car slows down without hitting walls…

Oh okay, I get it.

um can someone help? i need my guy to move.


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