Beat Spinner Announcements

Okay! Welcome everyone to a small game called BEAT SPINNER.–


You wanted something COOL?

Well… if you want…

POSITIONS ARE OPEN! Well what I MEAN by that is YOU CAN BE IN MY GAME! A community shop, so to speak…

So here’s how it works. People in the chat can suggest ideas (e.g. a crown) and I’ll (try to the best of my ability) to put it into my game.

BY THE WAY, I’m finishing this before multiversal tower. Put a pause on that one.

So, if it’s NOT copyright, innaproperiate, and doable… Then I’ll try to add it!

Have a great day!


Your still here?


Go away!

Why are you still reading this?

Gah! Why do I even try…


What is the game?

Beat Spinner

You will not be able to enjoy this game’s full potential until I work out the songs… the rotations for the indicator are on my laptop, not the game.


Join the BEAT SPINNER community to suggest ideas for game elements like a crown. Share creative, non-copyrighted suggestions directly with the developer for possible inclusion in the game.

Uhhh… yeah!

Any ideas that you guys submit, I could probably cook up something special :slight_smile: