Become a VIP Member to see updates on my FlowJam game

So I have a VIP Member role on my discord server which will allow you to see exclusive updates on my private projects. As of right now I will give it to a few select people who come first. In the future you will have to be a top contributor of my community to obtain it.

well fine then I’ll enjoy the benefits myself

are you a LEGO store VIP? I hope the benefits are similar. Also will you ever put a battle pass in your game?


Tell you what, that may be an idea

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finally, some Flowlabber accepts the battle pass! :smiley: :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I am so happy abiut this information.

here me out grazer. this man wants a battle pass so like you should add micro transactions which was something said in the past. 5 dollar a month and you get cool skins, exclusive dlc levels, and more

ummmm, i dunno i was thinkimng maybe in-game money but ok. also please ask nicely, you cannot demand as such like that

it was mostly a joke, I really never planned on adding yachting like that anyway

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BRuuhhhh, also pinging grazer for jokes like tgis ain’t good, man’s busy

he was never pinged

wait a minute what you mean by that

there should be a pencil icon right next to the 19m in the top right corner because I know you pinged him and you can’t gaslight me

wait actaully theres not is there lol, maybe since i just deleted the @ symbol

lets test this theory im going to @ you ok then edit it

hello 117JOJO im kiwiman or some random stuff blahblahblahblahbl;alkbhalblalblah

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you have to edit it 5 minutes or more later, it was about 9 minutes when I first saw the ping disappear

look i edited it and theres no edit sign

Alright i just posted some cool vip sneak peak stuff to my discord