Beginner Flowlab Game Logic Video Channel - Enjoy

I recorded this for my first-semester game art students - This would be for anyone new to flow lab without any prior game logic experience

channel page at:

you can see our student work at:


Pretty good :+1:

JR I think you have some good videos too , as I recall. I liked the one you had for using a checkpoint with an animation - very clever

I haven’t made any videos myself yet but I have over 30 game examples atm.
Any vids I make is to show bugs or help users on the forums (no voice).

I would like to do examples but I hate my own voice on recording and it takes time. I hope I get the nerves to actually make a few Tutorials videos, I have several in mind that I would like to do.

sorry yes, your game example. I am a big supporter of flowlab , great for students to learn before students learn C+ and Unity

your examples are tutorials

Glad it helps! If you want an example of how to do something, let me know.
I’m always making new examples.

yes, a great group project for those of interest I would love to help out.

I would love to see your example to spawn a NPC with a timer trigger after destroy.

Seems so simple, just to kill a NPC and delay the spawn for 10 sec - I have tried every variation on the timer trigger with no success

Thanks JR!

I will ask you on another forum…

Well if the timer is in the NPC, it wont work if its destroyed. If an object is destroyed, it basically doesn’t exist anymore so doing anything to it afterwards will do nothing.

Try making a spawner object to spawn the NPC’s instead. Send a message to the Spawner when the NPC gets destroyed, so Spawner can spawn another NPC with the delay.

If you want to get creative using just the NPC object, you can move the position below the game and place him back from start after the time delay. (Results vary by NPC’s)

I may need a bit more details if your looking for different results…

your message send is a great solution, your ROCK!

These are great @steinbam - thanks for sharing!

I can’t seem to access though - is that link correct?