behaviors save bug

Please help in my mario’s behavior you will normaly see collision goomba let the health bar go down. But collision with goomba never saves what means that you can just touch it without going dead. Help! Ps: go far to right in mario beheviors. Link:

um… the goomba real collision just wasn’t attached to the eval… lol
I attached it, and in 2 hits I died. If that’s all your problem was, then there you go :slight_smile:

thx for the comment but… the problem is that the goomba real is attached to the eval! but when i leave flowlab and i go to edit my game, its not attached…

are you playing the game in test, or just leaving the page? you need to save it, maybe delete your cache.

thanks mhx air, but now its solved :slight_smile: thanks!!

okay good :slight_smile: