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Can you please add a tool for sprite sheets? Because I’ve got several custom sprite sheets that I want to use in flowlab I think its hard and unnecessary to put them in one by one so can you pleause add a sprite sheet inporter?

Thanks for you time,

JJ Blocks

I don’t really get it…

Sprite Sheets, as in big image files with a bunch of sprites on them
It is difficult to crop out certain sprites, so he wants Grazer to add a tool to import sprite sheets into flowlab.

Very cool Idea, but probably very difficult to execute, unfortunately.


Oh, executing? Why are we killing sprite sheets?

Ha ha, very funny

please answer grazer!!!

Aaah puns nooo

Please answer grazer

please answer grazer!!!

I don’t think more exclamation marks will help. Instead, use @ before their name. So @grazer
When you use that, they are notified that you mentioned them.

ok thanks!




@jngthree just a joke lol



Maybe grazer could make some kind of grid cutoff and make each frame a separate animation sprite, but it would be really hard to make and there are still pending requests that have been unadded for years.
And dude- spamming without adding anything doesn’t improve your chances. All that does is push new posts down the line. I get you really want this but you have to be patient :frowning:


well can you see my custom sprites anyways