Big Announcement

@grazer I have messaged you privately and did not respond. Now I’m going to announce it to everyone. Why did you ban/suspend @TheHeadlessHorsemen ? What did he do? We all probably want to know.

I think if grazer doesn’t want to say that is perfectly fine, I trust grazer and believe he had a good reason. I personally do not care of the exact reason he was banned, but I suspect it’s because he was not the nicest person in the community and caused unneeded drama.


To those who don’t know this that user had many accounts before this one, and all were banned before. Grimproductionz, haveoc, the unity guild to name a few. I’m not sure exactly what he did this time, but I’m sure it was for good reason


To “Combatitive”


Hey @TheJeffDude - This individual has been around for a long time, had many accounts, and been banned several times in the past for acting out, causing discord in the community, and just generally spilling spaghetti all over the place every single time.

He decided to come back and (sort of) stay anonymous, but not really, since it was obvious who he is. I ignored it for a while, (foolishly) hoping that this time would be different, but as usual it didn’t take long before things went south.

I dislike banning, but I have to eject people who go out of their way to disrupt the community, hassle other developers, and just generally act like a jerk.


Actually he was pretty good at doing that, gotta say didn’t know it was him untill people mentioned it

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He was good at hiding this time. I hope that there are no more resurrections.

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He made a post saying he was banned before and referred to past events multiple times way older than his account.

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@grazer actually I understand bc he can be very rude and also acts out. Not to cause gossip, he is very rude.

Bruh its over now, please stop talking about this. Also don’t @ grazer unnecessarily, he’s probably busy.

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I know I just saw it so I wanted to say something, then I’d stop.


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