Okay, so in my game; Find Us, there’s a bug where the collision isn’t working. I need help ASAP.

can you show me the code? so I can identify whats wrong

Okay. But instead I’ll show you the actual link itself, and then you can post a picture of what’s wrong when you find it out in the actual game. This’ll be better because there’s physical proof of what’s actually going on. Thanks!

I know this is late,but I know this is not a bug, I think the animation is blocking the restart game. Maybe try having when collision with demon add in timer how long the animation is and then in half a second a restart the game, and then just keep have collision add sound effect. I don’t know if you could understand this well, I think that you should test out collision by just having collision with demon and then add destroy, If that does not work then contact grazer about it.

Okay, sounds like a deal! Thanks!