Big games that you maybe didn't know were coming soon

The Dark Chronicals -Me/8-bit_Studio

Darkening Days - The Undying

(you know this on already)Sol - Rcreger

DoM- Ramshacklegamestudios

Dead Risen- GrimProductionZ

Pixel Sports- GalaxianGames

Tales of The Undead- Ewardi and XXD3G


The Facility- ManiacPumpkin

There is not other big games i know but you could tell me your big game and i will put it here


Wow! Oh I see how it is

Maybe my game :3 plzz

Im putting these up because some big games aren’t getting much seen by people it would be nice to know other big games as well

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Wats it called is it a big or a small

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Oops forgot to tell you my game if you don’t already know

It’s called and it’s big at least the functions are.

Still working on the map and stuff

My game isn’t exactly “finished”, there are lots of things that I still need to fix, so it is technically coming soon.

I think lots of people saw this coming. XD

tales of the undead - me and @XXD3G

what about Chaotix?

Oh! you are right i will put it in

Not really (character limit)

Here is my game The Facility:

Which I’m sure only a few people here as heard of it and It’s currently not a really big game, but I plan on making it extremely huge. Mainly making the map super big and there will be lots of exploration. I’m still working on a lot of features and still updating the demo. Currently trying to figure out how to make it full screen.

@8-bit_Studio I’m surprised you didn’t mention mine since you asked personally if you could play it, lol. But I get it since it wasn’t a very popular game.

Ok i remember playing but forgot ti :frowning:

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I’m not sure what you mean by “Not really” towards @MetaNinja game. I’m sure there are a lot of people who knew that Pixel Sports was going to be a big game. At least I knew since he asked me to review it and it was really good in my opinion.

I think he was trying to say that he didn’t see it coming, so he was stating an exception to my “I think lots of people saw this coming. XD” quote, he just worded it in a misleading way. Although he DID comment on my Pixel Sports Devlog, so I’m still not sure how he didn’t see it coming, even when it is the only one of my public games that are very popular. (I do talk about Porky’s Nightmare and Stealthy Ninja, but those aren’t as popular, and Monster Maze isn’t even public yet)

My Big game

The Dark Chronicals (WIP)

Sorry @GrimProductionZ if you only worded that incorrectly and I misread that. @MetaNinja its just that he didn’t put a lot of effort into what he was saying so I just assumed that he was being a bit negative. Sorry.

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It’s okay, I know you didn’t mean any harm.

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