Big jump in play count?

Did any of the other folks with games on the homepage notice a big jump in play count? Outpost Omicron was just under 2000 plays this afternoon and now it has over 4000 plays? Did we get picked up by bots or was there a random surge in traffic? @grazer any insight?

it won’t let me play “distinct” for some reason

but, yeah it would make sense a lot of the time people who first join go to games and play the first thing they see, plus what do you expect it is on the homepage when people see that all they hear is their brain screaming GOOD GAME!!!

The top games in the game jam was added to the front page. Most likely these plays are by new visitors, but I will say its been known for some users to use bots to rack up plays.

That all makes sense, and while there was a definite increase in plays when the game went to the home page its been there for a few weeks at this point and gaining steadily. This was a jump of about 2000 plays in a day (vs the standard 100 or so daily plays that I would expect from normal traffic to the home page). Other games on the home page got big play count bumps too, so its not just me. Very strange. @“JR 01” @seamothmaster45

Probably Cause You Posted It And More Peeps Got To See It

if you say peeps ever again…

@GrimProdutionZ yes but theres a difference between getting 50-100 plays a day vs the first five games on the home page getting 2000 additional plays in a day. Seems like an extreme increase and wondered if the home page got linked somewhere or if Flowlab got a giant influx of new… peeps?


@todorrobot The play count doesn’t update immediately, it might have had a long time between updating

I don’t think it should take any more than 24 hours. It’s definitely a bot or some dude with no life that constantly refreshes the page.