\-Black Holes-/

I wanna make a black hole that pulls the player in while they’re playing but I don’t know how to do it. Any suggestions?


Where would the black hole be?

right in the middle of the map

-I’ll send the game-

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You could try this

Thanks for the link! although I’m not sure if I can pull it off, I’ll sure as hell try.

Ok, I’m tryin’ but uh, It’s not goin’ good. Mostly because I can’t have the player move toward the black hole without having the “point at” block active. Anyone wanna help me with that, please?

There is an option in the Point at behavior to make it so your player doesn’t rotate.

well with that it will just make the player go forward instead of just going towards the black hole sadly

You can use this example by Galactian, but have the X and Y be the center of the black hole instead of the Mouse X and Y.

You can also remove a bit of the code because you don’t need to fling the player or have it turn on/off when you click the black hole

well, I’m trying to make a Black hole in the middle of the map that slowly drags the player in if they don’t fly away fast enough. Could I make a line of code that says that when the ship is in prox with the black hole it will activate a motor to pull it? If so, can you show me how, please? I’ve only been on here for a year sorry :frowning:

The example by Galactian will work for you with a few modifications (Changing the X and Y inputs from the Mouse Move to the center of the black hole and making it always active, + a few other things) If you need I could make an example for you

btw, I’ve only been here since Dec

An example would be pretty helpful for my small monke brain, thanks. But also since Dec?!?! I figured you’ve been here for like two years with all that smart big brain power!

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I’ll make an example later because I was going to work on some Art for a bit, but when I’m done I’ll work on it.

Ok! Thanks for all the help! good luck on the art.

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That example will probably have to wait until tomorrow because I realized I have to do something today

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@yogergitater does this work?


If i could give you 1000 solutions and likes I would.


Okay, hear me out, my pal, what if I wanted my blackhole to, say… bounce around the map. Because, I made the blackhole moveable and made it go in a random direction at the start, but, It would only extract where the blackhole was and not where it was going. Just wanted to see if you had a quick fix for it perhaps. If it’s not too troublesome. Just @ me when/if you see this, please! And again thanks for all the help.

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